Om idoler och idoldyrkan.

A work about fandom and the history of the idol.

It is about the changed image where the admired and worshipped is lowered to the level of everyday life.

Idolträffen/ The idol meeting, olja/oil, 50x40 cm.

Per till häst/Per on horseback, olja/oil, 125x90 cm.

Vid mitt köksbord/At my kitchen table, Fjärås, blyerts/lead, 40x30 cm.

Plånboken/The wallet, Fjärås, blyerts/lead, 40x30 cm.

Stora scenen, Liseberg, blyerts/lead, 40x30 cm.

Per på Bräckan, fotoutskrift/photoprint, 400x270 cm.

Fjäråsserien/The Fjärås series, foto/photo, 40x30 cm.

Återträffen/The reunion, video, 5 min.

Shows a meeting between the idol and the fan, where they sing "I need your love" once again.

I centrum/In centre, video, 1 min.

Shows an everyday meeting between the idol and the fan buying milk at the local grocery.

Idolträffen/The idol meeting, cd/installation, 5 min.

Sound installation of an idol meeting in 1988 between the idol and the fan, that sing "I need your love".