My work revolves around different phenomena, everyday situations and closed worlds.
In my work I engage with such social phenomena as children's perception and interaction
with media, the questioning and de-contextualising of idols in pop culture, and changes in
pop cultural movements, for instance the Japanese youth culture.
I work with painting, drawing, photo, video and sculpture, often together in installations or
exhibited in rooms. For each piece I choose the technique which is best suited to expressing
my ideas and message.

Examensutställning/Final exhibition, galleri Rotor, Göteborg, 2001 (installation, foton/photos)

Fjäråstubbies (video, duration 5 min. 2001)

Helgen med Marlene/The weekend with Marlene (video, duration 4.30 min. 2001)

Per-rummet/The room of Per (video, duration 4 min. 2001)

Karaoke (video, duration 7 min. 2001)

Pernilla, separatutställning/solo exhibition, galleri Konstepidemin, Göteborg, 2004
(målningar/paintings, teckningar/drawings, foton/photos, videos/cd)

In my home town (målningar/paintings 2004 - 2008)

The family album (olja/oil 2005)

Garfield collection (foto/photo 2006, video, duration 24 min, object. 2012)

Snow white (installation, akvarell/watercolor 2007)

Inventering (målningar/paintings 2009)

Skog/forest (teckningar/drawings 2011)

Doften av ett minne (målningar/paintings 2014)

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