Project Skog presents the forest and the inhabitants whom constitutes it, for example the spruce and pine,
and how it is being a place for interaction between itself and the human being, both used and abused.
Images telling us how we do, or do not, relate to forest and the nature. The works consists of pencil
drawings, 3-dimentionell drawings and drawings as video, showing different ways of human being,
meeting and embracing the the forest and nature, but also about her fear and dissaproval of it.
About our symbiosis with nature, but also about our non-sustainability usage of it.

Pojken och skogen, blyerts/lead, 90x65 cm.

Brikens år, blyerts/lead, video still, duration 1 min.

Sova med gran, blyerts/lead, 90x65 cm.

En fågel i handen, blyerts/lead, 90x65 cm.

Holk, blyerts/lead, 30X15X20 cm.

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